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​Just a Kid from Washington Hgts

When the United States entered World War II, the US government turned to ordinary Americans and asked of them extraordinary service, sacrifice and heroism. Sixteen million Americans met those high expectations and following the war returned home to resume civilian life. Their military service records were not widely known outside their families or communities. For...

The Final


A pilot of a B-24 Liberator recalls his military career, including his stateside pilot training and the perilous missions he flew over Nazi occupied Europe from November 1943 through his final mission on D-Day, June 6, 1944. The 87-year old veteran is clear-headed, unpretentious and straightforward and typical of his generation. The film is narrated...

​Once Upon
a Time

Following the curious summertime adventures of a typical 12-year old of 1951, this unique 59-minute film evokes memories of Staten Island’s rural past at mid-20th century. It is essentially a nostalgic, looking-back piece but also historical, environmental, documentary and cultural. Nevertheless during its final 20 minutes the film poses critical questions about the dubious benefits...

the Catskills

The Catskill Region’s 3.8 million acres are essentially a forest ecosystem and provide a plethora of essential ecosystem services. Clean, potable water flows by the force of gravity to 9 million N.Y.C. residents from six city owned reservoirs. The Delaware and Susquehanna River Basins provide fresh water to 15 million downstream residents in N.J., PA and MD. The region’s forests...

Escape from the


On September 1, 1939, Jacob Goldfarb and Rachel Aidelsztain, recently betrothed to each other, must choose between the devil and the deep blue sea -- between Nazi occupation of western Poland or the Russian occupation of Poland east of the Bug River.

For Jacob and Rachel, the safest path was clearly visible. Why did these Polish Jews choose to cast themselves onto the turbulent deep blue...

Just a Kid from Washington Heights, 75 minute DVD based on an interview with a Douglas A-20 Havoc twin-engined bomber combat pilot and WW II veteran. This lively and sometimes shockingly revealing interview includes many historic photos and 35MM film foota
The Final Mission, 45 minute film mirrors the experience of Just a Kid... , except the pilot is flying a four-engined B-24 Liberator. Both he and the Douglas A-20 Havoc pilot fly over Normandy, France on D-day, June 6, 1944 and take off from bases in East
Parcelizing the Catskills and the Boiled Frog Syndrome, 75 minute DVD investigates environmental threats to NY State's Catskill Region because of forest and farm subdivision, second home development and construction of  New York City reservoirs. The film
Escape from the Holocaust: 75 minute DVD. Jacob Goldfarb and Rachel Aidelsztain are eagerly making plans for their marriage in summer 1939 Warsaw, Poland, ground zero on the eve of world War II. They will flee the advancing Nazi invaders of their native h
Once Upon a Time on Staten Island, 60 minute DVD. Old, historic, elegiac mid- twentieth century Staten Island photos and 16MM film footages evokes nostalgic memories  of Staten Island's rural/suburban past, now vanished forever. The film features a narrati
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