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Escape from the Holocaust

Escape from the Holocaust

On September 1, 1939, Jacob Goldfarb and Rachel Aidelsztain, recently betrothed to each other, must choose between the devil and the deep blue sea -- between Nazi occupation of western Poland or the Russian occupation of Poland east of the Bug River.

For Jacob and Rachel, the safest path was clearly visible. Why did these Polish Jews choose to cast themselves onto the turbulent deep blue Stalinist Russian sea? What did these courageous young people and hundreds of thousands of other Polish Jews know that the remaining 3 million Polish Jews failed to comprehend or choose to disregard?
Why did Stalinist Soviet Russia admit more than 300,000 Polish Jews during WW II when U.S. Great Depression Era immigration law, in 1939, provided a meager 6,000 entry visas for Polish citizens of all ethnic groups? Was the Soviet motive attributable to altruism, administrative expediency, or national self-interest? Why is this peculiar historical Jewish odyssey so little known?

Jacob and Rachel will provide some illuminating insights to these intriguing questions. Their clear recollections and plain talk of a perilous immigrant journey across thousands of miles on three continents, their involuntary separation spanning six years of heart-rending loneliness, personal deprivations and their indomitable will to survive will surprise you. And their ultimate reunion, repatriation and triumph will warm your heart.
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    Escape from the Holocaust is 45 minutes in length.
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